ISSN 2249-3875

Year -> 2015   Volume(5)-1


Formulation Development and Characterization of Floating Matrix Tablet of Ranitidine HCl
Rajesh Asija, Shyam Sunder*

Research paper


Snake Bite Its First Aid & Anti Snake Venom (ASV): Guidelines
Himani Tiwari*, Pradeep K. Goyal, Bhupendra Vyas, Chetan S. Chauhan

Review Article


A Review on Diabetes Mellitus and Associated Co-morbidity
Anil kumar Sharma*, Rajesh Asija, Radheshyam Kumawat, Pravesh Kumar Sharma

Review Article


QSAR : An Approach To Develop New Drug Molecule In The Field Of Medicinal Chemistry
Sanchika Nayak *, S. K. Shyama, P. K. Goyal, Bhupendra Vyas, C. S. Chauhan

Review Article


A Review on Naturapolyceutics: The Science of Utilizing Natural Polymers for Drug Delivery
Nirma Paswan*, Bhupendra Vyas , Y. S. Sarangdevot, Pradeep K. Goyal

Review Article