ISSN 2249-3875

Year -> 2011   Volume(1)-1


Spectrophotometric Estimation of Olmesartan medoxomil and Hydrochlorthiazide from a Binary Mixture by Simultaneous Equation and Dual Wavelength Method
Singh Gurvinder*, Goyal Anju

Research paper


Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship Study of New 2- Aryl Carbonyl -3- Trifluoromethylquinoxaline 1, 4-Di-N- Oxide Derivatives and Their Reduced Analogues
JuheePradhan*and R. Sharma

Research paper


Formulation and Characterization of Floating Tablets of Diltiazem Hydrochloride
Ara N. Patel*, Falguni M. Patel

Research paper


Solubility Determination of Lacosamide by HPLC with Application to the
Swarnkar G.*, JoshiP., Shah J., Soni N., Goyal Anju

Research paper


Antidiabetic Effect of The Aqueous Bark Extract of FicusBenghalensis on Alloxan Induced Diabetic Rats
Rekha Rajput 1, M.B.Patil2, A.K.Shrivastava1, Gurvinder Pal Singh1, Shamshath Begum1

Research paper


Molecular Modeling: Necessary tool for drug designing
Priyanka Lokwani*, Birendra Srivastav, Nikhil Batra, Sweta Sahu, Renu Solanki